Hiking + Nature Journaling

Time goes faster the older you get, I’m sure of it. Maybe it’s the business of summer or maybe it come from all of the changes I’ve experience over the last year but it seems like I”m turning a new page every time I was past my wall calendar. I’m trying to find way to grasp the small moments and savor them. To be present in the moment and place where I am if even if it’s for only 15 minutes a day.

Drawing helps me do this like nothing else I’ve tried. When I start to draw I have to focus on the one thing I’m drawing, taking in it’s detail and noticing it for what it is. It forces you to stop and be in this one time and place and to take it in. Even though the 100 day challenge can be just that, a challenge, it is also a favorite part of my day. I look forward to the time, be it 5 minutes or an hour, that I get to spend with my notebook and paints.

Another thing that centers me, if you will, is being out in nature. This past Sunday Marv and I headed up to central Pennsylvania to the cabin to do some hiking. We spent hours walking trail along the creek, visiting the bridge where he proposed to me, and hunting for unique mushrooms, bugs, plants, and animals. Ok, I admit it, I completely nerd out about these things. I love to stumble across unique bits of nature, capture them in photos, and research them. Totally nerd move, I know. But hey, I find creation fascinating.

Ever since I purchased this book written by Kristen RogersĀ I’ve been itching to try my hand at nature journaling. I got the change to this weekend after the hike and let me tell you, I loved it. I bought a watercolor notebook recently which I want to use as sort of illustrated journal, similar to a nature journal but a little broader than that. I’m sure it will include lots of nature but more than just that. I want to use it was a way to document this life that seems to fly by my face before I can blink.

Journaling has never come easy for me, words are not my most natural way of expressing myself. Even this blog post is hard to write. But illustration, though it doesn’t come easy for me, still seems to flow. I have to work for it but it isn’t forced in the way that words are.


Maybe all of my wildlife sketched with their Latin names (thanks google) and children’s book style are a little nerdy but they make me happy and I’m sure I’ll treasure them for years to come.

xo – Kate