100 Day Challenge – Week 1

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been doing a little challenge for the last few weeks. It’s called The One Hundred Day challenge, hosted by an artist named Elle Luna. I recommend her book The Crossroads of Should and Must to anyone but especially to creatives. Though I had hear about the one hundred day challenge before this book is what inspired me to commit to it.


Day 1

But back to the project. The goal is to pick one activity and repeat it every day for 100 days. I followed the challenge last year and decided to actually commit this time around. The activity I chose is to daily draw or sketch something related to my dream project of illustrating a book for my nephew. It can be of anything from him to his dog Mia to his favorite toy. My goal with it is to help conceptualize my dream, discover a style I want to go with, and develop a story line.


Day 2

I’m already on day 23 (almost a quarter of the way through!) but I wanted to post about it in week long segments. These are the first seven sketches.


Day 3

This project has been so good for me. I was overwhelmed going into it, 100 days seems like a long time. There have been a few tough days where I’ve been uninspired and I’ve had to post photos I’m not completely happy with but this project has been such a great creative exercise.


Day 4

I feel like a habit of sketching daily has already improved my skills and I look forward to seeing how much I will have grown at day 100.


Day 5

Today as I was flipping through my sketchbook Carson came and sat beside me to look at the sketches. I started to make up a story on the fly using the sketches. He was enthralled by it, not moving or saying a word. After the “story” was finished he grabbed my sketchbook and set it with a pile of other book before going of to play.


Day 6

I guess this storybook illustration dream of my will have at least one interested reader. That makes it all worth it!


Day 7

This is week one of #100DaysofCarsonandMia. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram.

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