phileo (to love) adelphos (brother)

I had been to Philadelphia one time for a Flyers game but didn’t ever go downtown and tour the city at all. A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend told me he was going to take me somewhere as a surprise. He had our Saturday planned but he didn’t give me any more details than that.

I was a little suspicious that Philly was the destination since we had been talking about going there for a while. Once we got on the road I knew that we were going to Philly but still didn’t know the plans for the day. We parked in the art district then walked to the Green Eggs Cafe for a delicious brunch. They had outdoor seating so we ate out brunch outside. In Philadelphia. In December.

I had heard about the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens so in our free time we walked there to check it out. I thought it was an incredible piece of art that I would want in my own back yard. He thought it was strange. So listen to me on this one, go if you get the chance.

When he told me our afternoon plans would be to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was super excited. I was also sure he would need a little break between all this artsy stuff so first we went to the Italian market district to visit Fante’s Kitchen Shop (one of the oldest kitchen supplies shops in the country) and browse the cheese and meat shops along the street. We both appreciate art of the culinary kind.

The art museum was the largest I had ever been to so I was in awe the whole time. I could get lost there for hours. But perhaps the best part was seeing his shock when we went to the modern art wing (I just couldn’t explain it to him) then his disbelief when I told him the painting below probably cost millions.

We left the museum. I breathed a sigh of contentment. He breathed a sigh of relief.

We grabbed a cheese steak at Pat’s then, for his sake, we went to a Flyers game. There I worked on appreciating his kind of art.