Love Letters

14. Leave a letter in a public place.

15. Write a letter to a friend.

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I’m not the sappiest person around.

I don’t save things for sentimental value
Actually, purging my possessions is therapeutic for me

I don’t cry over chick flicks.
Or movies in general with the exception of Schindler’s List. That makes me sound cold.

I don’t ooh and ahh over animals
Am I the only girl who didn’t go through the 13-year-old-horse-lover-stage?

I don’t send gushy love notes or heart emojis.
Apologies in advance to my boyfriend.

You could call me practical.

But I think about the lost art of love letters. I remember stumbling across a large cardboard box of my parents love letters in our spooky cobwebbed attic (no worries mom, I didn’t read them). My mom lived in Canada and my dad in South Carolina at the time they were dating. Because of very busy schedules and and large amounts of time between expensive international calls they turned to letter writing. And now, years later, there is still a yellowed paper and faded ink testimony to their relationship.

The digital age is amazing but it makes our communications cheap, fleeting, and destined to disappear. I’m not saying that the words we say online are cheap, I’m saying that the format is fleeting and without intentionally saving these communications they will disappear.

But there is an upside to this. With so much of our communication being done digitally the rare handwritten note has never before had so much meaning behind it. I save letters and notes long after I’ve gotten rid of items and possessions.

And that is why I decided to write two love letter for my 20Before21 list: one to a stranger and one to a friend.

The one to a stranger was inspired by this. I hand wrote and illustrated a simple poem that I found beautiful and inspiring and left it in a random spot in Rochester address to whoever picked it up.

The second letter was to a friend. An expression of something that I appreciated about them. It was also illustrated.

P.S. I want this book and this book.

P.S.S It’s my birthweek. Not that I’m hinting;)

Do you handwrite letters? Does a handwritten note mean more to you than a digital note?