Make Ice Cream

I am so excited to cross the first thing of my newly started 20 Before 21 list. Last summer ice cream making was one of the things I wanted to do but never got around to. So of course I added it to my list since that means I would have to do it. I’m not sure how I will punish myself if I don’t complete this list but whatever I do it’ll be pretty severe. With that in mind I figured I’d better get serious about this ice cream making business. So begins the story of the 20 Before 21 Raspberry Ice Cream Adventure.


Scattered across our back woods, nestled in the hedgerows and thriving near the stream, are dozens of wild black raspberry bushes. My childhood was filled with summers days spent running barefoot through the trails, swimming in the creek, and fort building in the woods. We, my siblings and I, would complete our dreams of being indians by gathering our own food. We ended up gathering only raspberries, quickly learning that the round red berries were inedible. According to the cowboy and indian novels we read acorns are edible but that’s false as well. Since raspberries were the only food source we’d race down to the best picking spots and try to get the biggest blackest berries first. We’d pick the bushes clean and end up stained and satisfied. Eventually our mom would send us out with a big bucket and direct orders to put the berries in the bucket and not our mouths our else we wouldn’t have any raspberry jam for the winter. That would scare us enough to get at least 75% of the berries in the intended location.


With berry season in full swing and my brother coming in with a bucket of them every so often I figured it would be the perfect flavor for my ice cream. A quick search on the internet brought up a Blackberry Ice Cream recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Since that amazing cowgirl’s recipes have never once let me down I decided this was the one. It’s a custard recipe which roughly translates to “way more heavy cream than God intended man to consume.” The berries where mashed and heated then the resulting syrup was strained to get rid of the seeds. The fruit syrup was then added the the custard base which resulted in a beautiful rich purple color.


After dusting off the neglected ice cream maker I filled the cylinder with the custard and surrounded it with salt and ice. I plugged the machine in. I understand that old timers won’t get that part since “when they were a kid they had to crank it by hand until their arm fell off” but ain’t nobody got time for that. Then I waited 25 minutes because that is how long it takes for ice + salt magic to happen. Once the machine started running hard we cracked open the top in peeked inside. a taste test was in order and double dipping may or may not have followed. I couldn’t get over this ice cream. It was rich and creamy like a gelato and gloriously color. The freezing had only darkened the purple hue. I photographed it then glorious dairy bliss ensued. I ate entirely to much of it. I ate it on waffle cones, and in a bowl. I ate it plain, and with dark chocolate shell drizzled on top. I ate it straight out of the ice cream maker then later, straight out of the box. Basically I just ate it however and whenever I saw fit.


This was a good and tasty way the start off the 20 Before 21 list.
The End.

P.S. It’s very rich so if you make it remember that a little goes a long way. Then again, a lot goes and even longer way;)

20 Before 21

20 Before 21 is a list of things that I want to do before I turn 21. I spoke about it briefly here.  Bucket list are a little to vague for me since you don’t have a known deadline plus they normally consist of large once in a lifetime thing. I wanted to create a birthday bucket list of smaller goals that are all doable in one years time.

So without furthur ado, the list.

1. Go hunting.
My dad and brothers hunt and my sister has a time or two but for some reason I never did. Maybe it’s because I never had the desire to go hunting or maybe just because I hated guns as a kid. Either way I think it’s high time I give it a shot. Secretly, the only reason I’m really doing this is for the awesome profile picture I’ll have once I find that huge buck;)
2. Visit the MET.
For someone who’s so interested in art it’s kind of shocking that I’ve never been to an art museum. I’d love to visit the MET but if NYC isn’t an option any art museum would do.
3. Learn to wakeboard.
4. Start blog idea.
An idea that I’ve been thinking about. I won’t tell you any more:)
5. Read Robinson Crusoe.
6.  Paint/draw plein air.
7. Take art lessons.
8. Make ice cream. // COMPLETE
I’ll post about it soon.
9. Trail run a gorge in Ithaca.
If you know of a good trail for running in the Ithaca area let me know.
10. Bike to work.
11. Learn to drive standard.
12. Bike around the Finger Lakes.
This is the craziest of all the ideas since there are 11 lakes. At the least I want to bike around the three largest lakes: Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga.
13. Handwrite the book of Proverbs.
14. Leave a letter in a public place.
Inspired by this.
15. Write a letter to a friend.
16. Learn 20 signs.
I’ve always been fascinated by sign language so I would love to improve my vocabulary.
17. Memorize Psalms 119.
18. Shoot and edit a video.
19. Make family recipes.
Aunt Ada’s Caramels, Aunt Emma’s Waffle Cookies, and Grandma’s Shoo Fly Pie.
20. Sew a dress for myself.
I’m thinking a chambray shirt dress or a less challenging t-shirt dress.